Accessible Web (Further Course)

Target Groups and Required Skills

The main target audience of the course are stakeholders involved in creating web pages, for instance private or public clients of web pages, contractor and developers, usability and accessibility consultants as well as tester. There are no specific skills required to participate in the course.

Learning Platform

The Moodle platform at the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. (See registration information at the bottom of the page.)

Course Duration and Efforts

The course will run for four weeks and starts on 17 July 2017. About 3 hours are needed per week to follow the course. This includes reading and performing assignments. An instructor will be available and follow the discussions.

Short Description

In the course Accessible Web you will learn how to develop accessible HTML5 web pages. In particular, we will explain the basics concerning structure and design and we will dive into details of accessible input elements and dynamics contents.

Long Description

In the introduction week of the course Accessible Web, different stakeholder (clients, contractors, consultants) talk about their role and challenges in the process of developing an accessible web page. Aspects towards accessibility and inclusion, motivation to consider accessibility, implementation, benchmarking and monitoring accessibility are addressed. In week 2 of the course, we explain the basic structure of an HTML5 web page, including sectioning with HTML5 elements, organization with headings or accessibility navigation. After that we dive into the details to make your web page pretty by considering accessibility likewise. Week 3 of the course focus on using HTML5 input and media elements in an accessible way. In particular, we explain the specialities of using elements such as forms, captchas, video, audio, and images. Supporting dynamics by using WAI-ARIA elements is the topic of week 4.

Course Team

Claudia Loitsch (Technische Universität Dresden), Peter Heumader (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz), Gerhard Weber (Technische Universität Dresden), Jens Voegler (Technische Universität Dresden).

Course Structure

  • Implementing, benchmarking and monitoring accessible web sites
  • Accessibility in HTML5
  • Access to multimedia and accessible input for HTML5


No certification is planned.

How to Register

People can register on Moodle. Please create your own login and use access key Moocap%$123 for access to this course.

Open Educational Resources

The content from this course is available as a set of open education resources.