OERs for Accessible Gamification (Further Course)

This page lists all the Open Educational Resources (OERs) that were created by Stuttgart Media University for the further course Accessible Gamification, which is scheduled to run on edX.

These OERs are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence (CC</-BY 4.0). Simply put, this licence allows you to share, adapt and redistribute the content of the OERs, provided that you correctly attribute the original creators of these resources (Hochschule der Medien/Stuttgart Media University). If you are not familiar with this licence, please read it before reusing these OERs.

The entire course consists of videos that are available on Vimeo. Each video is captioned; both the videos and the captions can be downloaded from Vimeo. Below is a list of these videos. The assignments at the end of each course module are available on Google Drive.

There is also a single-page version of the course on GitHub.io.



Design Patterns

Reward and Challenge

Actions Space and Development