OERs for Intellectual Disability and Inclusion (Further Course)

This page lists all the Open Educational Resources (OERs) that were created for the further course Intellectual Disability and Inclusion, which was created by the Dublin Institute of Technology.

These OERs are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence (CC-BY 4.0). Simply put, this licence allows you to share, adapt and redistribute the content of the OERs, provided that you correctly attribute the original creators of these resources (Dublin Institute of Technologies). If you are not familiar with this licence, please read it before reusing these OERs.

The entire content of the course is stored as a set of OERs in a Google Drive folder, except for the videos, which can be downloaded from a dedicated channel on Vimeo. Below is a breakdown of all the OERs.

Week 1

OER folder for week 1.

Week 2

OER folder for week 2.

Week 3

OER folder for week 3.

Week 4

OER folder for week 4.

Week 5

OER folder for week 5.